Why Us?

Serving Oklahoma Since 1985

Edmonds Cole Law Firm was established in 1985 as a full service litigation firm. We have extensive experience in Insurance Defense, Personal Injury, Construction Defect Litigation, Employment Law, and Insurance Claim Handling Litigation.

When you engage Edmonds Cole, you are retaining the experience and representation of hands-on advocates who will personally handle your matter. Many other litigation firms will initially have you meet with a partner of the firm, only to hand the case off to another attorney to represent you. This can lead to costly delays as you acclimate the attorney to your situation and fill in any details that may have been lost in the transition.

At Edmonds Cole Law Firm, we eliminate those roadblocks by keeping things simple: if you hire one of our partners as your counsel, that partner is going to handle your case. We believe this helps build a greater sense of confidence between our team and our clients by adding a personal component and the assurance your case won’t change hands unexpectedly.

We represent a diverse client base and are admitted in tribal courts and all Oklahoma state and federal courts. With a combined 149 years of law practice, you can rest assured that you when you engage our firm, you are receiving comprehensive legal counsel that can navigate the complexities and nuances your case may present.


Effective Negotiators. Experienced Trial Lawyers.

At Edmonds Cole we pride ourselves on our jury experience covering a spectrum of issues. When you engage our firm we will endeavor to achieve the best possible outcome for your case, whether that’s a quick settlement, or a positive verdict after trial. 

To find out how we can help with your case, call today for a consultation, or contact us for more information. 

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