The attorneys at Edmonds Cole understand the issues and concerns of lawyers and law firms facing lawsuits as defendants, instead of as advocates. Our experience tells us that many mistakes cause no damage, providing a proximate cause defense that can often be characterized as a question of law. Our clients the assurance that comes from knowing that our attorneys are handling similar proceedings for many of their peers. We offer effective defense in:

  • Disciplinary proceedings, investigations, and suspension and disbarment proceedings by the State Bar of Oklahoma.
  • Legal malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Claims alleging illegal, unethical or fraudulent conduct
  • Liability to non-clients

Medical Professionals
More than half of the professional liability lawsuits in the U.S. each year are aimed at medical professionals. The elements of a professional negligence lawsuit – legal duty of care, breach of the standard of care and damages proximately caused by the breach – strike at the heart of professional skill and commitment. Edmonds Cole lawyers have defended health care providers in many specialty areas with competent, efficient representation.

Our Medical Malpractice Defense team has decades of combined experience in representing physicians, psychologists, dentists, chiropractors, hospitals, nursing homes, managed care organizations, medical colleges, self-insured health systems and other clients in state and federal courts and before various professional boards. Unlike some of our competitors, our attorneys do not shy away from court, where they have a proven track record of successfully defending clients, often in the most difficult of venues.

Our team represents clients in matters related to an array of legal issues for a diverse group of medical specialties, including anesthesiology, dentistry, emergency medicine, family practice, gastroenterology, general surgery, internal medicine, neurosurgery, nursing, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, pediatrics, podiatry, psychiatry, psychology, radiology and urology. Given these divergent areas of focus, we are able to match each case with the strength and experience of a particular lawyer.

Real Estate Professionals
It is important to retain experienced counsel immediately when facing a law suit for damages or possible suspension or revocation of your professional license before the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission. Edmonds Cole attorneys defend these real estate professionals against a variety controversies and allegations such as:

  • Fraudulent or Dishonest Dealings
  • Negligent or Incompetent Performance
  • Commingling Money belonging to Another
  • Conviction of a Felony involving Fraud
  • Sharing or Paying a Commission Illegally
  • Brokering or Selling Real Estate without a License
  • Negligent Supervision of a Sponsored Salesperson

Our lawyers defend clients in proceedings before the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission, in the trial and appellate courts, and in mediation and arbitration actions. In addition to more traditional real estate controversies, our lawyers are effectively dealing with the wave of litigation that real estate professionals face over the ongoing distress in the subprime real estate market, particularly claims involving foreclosure and inadequate risk disclosure.

Insurance Agents and Brokers
Insurance agents and brokers from small independents to national carriers may face client claims resulting from the sales of life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance, or annuities and other insurance products.

Edmonds Cole attorneys are unsurpassed in their ability to defend individual insurance agents, brokers, or brokerage agencies in litigation against various allegations such as:

  • Misrepresentations to clients
  • Personal lines coverage (Auto, Home, Health and Life)
  • Fraud
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Criminal convictions
  • Commercial lines coverage (CGL, Business Risk, E&O)
  • ERISA and Welfare Benefit Plans
  • Annuities and other investment products
  • Workers compensation insurance.

Accountants and Benefits Professionals
Edmonds Cole has defended accounting firms in disputes involving a wide variety of accounting issues, including allegations concerning accounting for stock options, revenue recognition policies and practices, the estimation of loss reserves and the presentation of financial statements across domestic and foreign reporting agencies. We also have defended the accounting and auditing work of our clients across numerous industries, including audits of industrial and technology companies, banks, insurance companies, sub-prime lenders, technology and telecommunications companies and transportation companies.

In the course of our representation, we defend the quality of the work performed by our clients, and we aggressively pursue the defenses that may be available to such claims, including privity, causation, reliance, contributory fault, damages, applicable statutes of limitations, and contractual limitations on liability.

Our work includes defense of claims arising out of audits, preparation of financial statements, tax return preparation and all other areas of accounting practice. We also defend accounting and benefits professionals against claims involving employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), and employee benefit plans covered by the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act (ERISA).