Edmonds Cole’s construction expertise is highly sought after by industry participants for a variety of construction litigation matters. They include owners, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, architects and engineers. We represent clients involving a full spectrum of activities, including public works projects and private projects. Such controversies include bid protests and mistakes, costs and delay disputes, project management controversies, design error, defective installation, and payment issues. The firm also handles mechanics and materialman’s’ liens, claims on payment and performance bonds, and litigation involving allocation of fault among contractors and suppliers.

Contract Disputes
Construction projects often require the signing of multiple contracts to secure access to labor and materials. Breach of any of these contracts can create unnecessary delays and add additional cost to your projects. Edmonds Cole understands the nuances of the construction industry to assist with formation of effective and enforceable contracts to keep our clients’ projects running. We also assist with drafting and review of contracts to protect your interests in the future.

Collections and Payment Disputes
Our firm handles all situations involving payment disputes, including:

  • Bid contests, mistakes and protests
  • Collections
  • Non-payment for extra work
  • Surety bond claims
  • Stop notices
  • Work stoppages and delays
  • Writs of attachment

Material Suppliers’ Rights
Edmonds Cole understands that suppliers have many of the same rights as contractors and deserve the relief that they are entitled to. Our attorneys help suppliers by enforcing personal guarantees made by property developers, and we assist in filing liens, stop notices and writs of attachment on their behalf.

Mechanic’s Liens
Edmonds Cole helps contractors and material suppliers draft, serve, file and enforce mechanic’s liens against property developers and owners to ensure payment for services rendered.

Architects, Engineers and Designers
Edmonds Cole represents architects, engineers and other design professionals against a wide range of construction-related tort claims alleging financial or physical loss due to professional malpractice and breach of contract.

Our lawyers understand the construction business, with some having previously worked in the industry. Our attorneys are keenly aware of the unique relationships among the various professionals and contractors on a jobsite. Edmonds Cole brings over 30 years of industry knowledge, experience and skill at contract negotiation and interpretation, as well as knowledge of construction industry practices. Edmonds Cole has the ability to provide effective counsel to:

  • Architects, both commercial and residential
  • Civil, structural, mechanical, and geotechnical engineers
  • Construction Managers
  • Interior Designers.

The attorneys at Edmonds Cole understand the way that architects and their engineering team interact in the design process. Often there are many design professionals involved in the delivery of a complex structure or system, and litigation over alleged negligent error or omission can involve a wide range of parties. We have experience on all sides of the table to effectively resolve malpractice, contract, cost overrun and other liability claims through mediation, arbitration or trial.